3 Ways to Protect Your Medical Office

Because medical offices can contain cash, personal information and drugs, they can be an attractive target for thieves. Below is a guide which will help you to keep your staff and your medical office safe.

Keep a minimum amount of cash on site

To reduce the likelihood of a break-in, you should keep a minimum sum of money in your medical office. While you will need a cash float to prove change for your customers, you should instruct your administrators to deposit any large bills at the local bank once a day. You should ensure that you display signs in public places which say that no cash is kept in the medical office overnight, as this may help to deter potential thieves. 

Secure your pharmaceutical storeroom

You should contact a professional locksmith service and ask them to install secure locks on your pharmaceutical storeroom. Secure locks and window shutters will help to deter any intruders. Even if they gain entry to the central area of your medical office, they will no be able to reach where the drugs are stored. You should also ask the locksmith to install a safe so you can keep your medical prescription pads secured as well because many thieves may try to steal a pad so they can forge a script. You should also display signs which clearly say that addictive drugs are not kept on site, as this will help to deter any addicts who are planning to break in to feed their habit. 

Add additional security measures

Many thieves are opportunists who look for what they consider to be easy targets, so adding additional security measures can help to prevent a break-in. You should consider hiring a security company who can patrol the site during the nighttime to ensure the area is secure. You should also have a CCTV system installed, so if an intruder does enter your medical office, you will have video evidence which can be used in court to prosecute those responsible for committing the crime. You should also ask a locksmith to install keypads and an alarm system to add a final level of security to your office.

If you own a medical office and would like further advice and information, you should contact a professional locksmith service. The locksmith will be happy to assess the security of your medical office before carrying out the necessary work to protect your stock of medications, patient records and cash.