Adding Locks Around Your Home to Secure Your Property

Thick and rugged locks on the entryway doors of your home are an effective way to keep your home and property secure, but it's good to consider some other locks you might install around the home as well. If a thief or intruder should get past the entryway locks, if you forget to lock the doors, or if you need security even while in the home, these additional locks can keep you and your property secure and limit anyone's access to the home. Note a few added locks you might want to consider for your home and property, and how they can add to your overall security.

Furniture locks

If you have important papers, cash, and other such items that you keep in a home office, consider added security to the furniture in that space. A lock can be added to desk drawers, filing cabinet drawers, and other such items. These locks are small but very secure and only require a hole to be drilled through an area of a furniture drawer. They can be especially useful against cleaning staff, repairpersons, babysitters, and others who might be tempted to snoop around the office while already in your home.

Rim latch locks

Rim latch locks are locks that automatically close behind you. These are good for workspaces, garages, basements, and other such areas that you want to enter securely, without anyone following you or coming in without your notice. They can also keep you secure when you're working in an outdoor shed or other such area. Rim latch locks are also good on entryway doors as an added security feature; for example, they ensure children who are home alone are safely locked inside the house, even if they forget to lock the door behind them.

Sliding door locks

Some homeowners will put a long wood dowel in the trench of their sliding door to keep it secure, but a wood dowel might be very weak in the middle and may easily break if someone uses a pry bar on the screen door or sliding glass door. Look for an actual sliding screen door latch that folds down as the door closes and then clicks into place to keep this entryway secure. These bars usually will have an added lock along its middle hinge for even more security. These are virtually impenetrable and, since they move with the door, there is no chance that you will forget to put this lock into place when the door is closed.

Talk to a locksmith for more suggestions.