Why Call a Mobile Locksmith to Open a Safe

If you have a safe at home or in the office, you want to be careful about trying to force it open or trying to actually break into it, if you've lost the keys or the combination. A mobile locksmith is usually a better option than tackling that safe with your tools or even trying to pick the lock. Note why you should call a mobile locksmith and how they can better address a safe lockout at home or the office.

Safes are not meant to be drilled

You may know that you can drill a safe to open it, but keep in mind that safes are not actually meant to be drilled, so using a standard home drill is likely to just break the bits and even the drill motor itself. Additionally, you may not know where and how to drill the safe in order to remove the lock or the hinges. A locksmith will have the right tools to use that are meant for opening the thick doors and insulated interior of a safe, and will also know the precise location for drilling so that the lock can be removed and the safe opened. This will preserve your tools while successfully opening the safe itself.

The safe can be preserved

Drilling a safe usually means damaging it beyond repair; this might be fine if you didn't plan on keeping the safe, but note that older safes sometimes have value on their own. If they're antique or a certain limited brand, they can sometimes be sold for quite a bit of money. Rather than thinking you can or should just have the safe drilled or forced open, do some research about the brand and note if the cost of having a locksmith pick the lock is a better choice.

Forcing a safe can damage the contents inside

If you try to drill the safe open yourself, try to reach the hinges to pry them open, or attempt any other method of opening the safe on your own, you run the risk of damaging the contents inside. An errant drill can go right through any paperwork inside or damage jewelry, coins and paper money, and other such items. If the safe is bolted to the floor, which is not unusual in an office, you might also damage the flooring by trying to pry open the safe. Have a locksmith open the safe for you to avoid all that damage.