Answering Some Questions About Locksmiths and Their Services

A locksmith can do much more for you than just get you back into your house or car if you've locked yourself out, and some locksmiths even have specialty services that they offer which can improve the overall safety of your home or office. If you've been locked out and need the services of a locksmith, or if you are looking to upgrade the locks of your home or office, note a few questions about what a locksmith does, and this can help you know what type of professional to call and what to expect in the process.

What is a security locksmith?

Security locksmiths are skilled in working with more than just locks; they will typically also install or upgrade entire security systems, including alarms, motion detectors, floodlights and cameras. These types of systems are often wired into the locks of a home or office, so a security locksmith will need to understand how they function in order to change a building's locks or let someone in after a lockout without tripping the alarm! 

A security locksmith may also be able to evaluate your property's overall security and note what alarms and other features you might need to keep out intruders or to protect certain vulnerable areas, such as a shipping dock or a detached garage. A security locksmith can also note if your current security system is outdated and how to upgrade it to something more responsive or easier to use.

How are commercial locksmiths and residential locksmiths different?

Commercial buildings often have more complicated locking and security systems than a residential home, including an alarm system of some sort attached to the locks. Many commercial buildings will also have locks on safes, warehouse doors and other such entry points that aren't commonly found in homes and which residential locksmiths may not be skilled in changing or opening. On the other hand, a residential locksmith may know how to open locks on residential windows, garages, sheds, fences and other entry points that aren't typically found in commercial buildings.

While some locksmiths may be skilled in installing and opening both commercial and residential locks, it can be good to call the particular specialist you need in case of a lockout, to change the locks on an entryway door, and the like. This will ensure the locksmith you choose is familiar with those locks and can get the job done quickly and easily.