Is Your Car Key Not Turning In The Ignition? Here Are Three Solutions Available

When you insert your key into the ignition ready to go to your chosen destination and the key does not turn, the situation can put you in a panic. Car keys are sensitive components, and even what may seem like minor damage to you could render the key non-functional and subsequently make you stranded. Firstly, do not try to tamper with your car's ignition because you could end up causing further damage that will incur hefty repairs costs. Instead, read the following solutions available to you when your car key is not turning in your ignition while you wait for your locksmith to arrive.

Your locksmith will fix the damage on the key

One of the most common reasons why your car key could stop working spontaneously is if it has acquired physical damage. Inspect your key, and inform your locksmith of the potential damage on it so that they can come and try to fix that specific damage to restore the function of the key. The extent of damage will vary, so there are different approaches that your locksmith can choose to use. For instance, the damage on the blade of the key will be fixed differently than a bend or a chip on the key. You should note, though, that a key that has broken inside the ignition may not be salvaged, so your locksmith will have to fashion a new car key for you. Moreover, if the key does not show any obvious signs of physical damage, you should consider checking if the issue lies with your auto electrical system.

Your locksmith will replace the key

If the damage on the key is irreversible, then the only solution that your locksmith can utilise is replacing the entire key. But the replacement varies depending on if you have a traditional key or an electronic key. Electronic keys need to be programmed so that your key only works for your vehicle. A professional locksmith will program a chip, known as a transponder, in the cut electronic key. Traditional keys, on the other hand, are easier to replace since they do not need a chip inside them. It is worth noting that car key replacement will cost slightly more than repairing a damaged key.

Your locksmith will replace the cylinder in the ignition

In some instances, your car key may not even be the problem! If the cylinder inside the ignition is faulty, then the car key will not be able to turn. So while you may think it is the key itself, your locksmith could find that the ignition is the defective component. Fortunately, you do not have to get the entire ignition disassembled if the issue lies solely with the cylinder. A cylinder replacement is not a complex process, but you will need to buy the same type that your ignition had.