How to Come Up With a Reliable and Effective Master Key System for Your Business

Conventional office locking systems force office managers and employees to juggle many keys, depending on their access levels. An individual who has access to more rooms within the facility will have to carry more keys. This situation can cause a lot of confusion, which can jeopardise the security of your business. 

Coming up with a master key system is one of the best ways to beef up security in your firm. Master keying allows individuals to only carry one or a few keys while accessing various rooms in the office. Below are some tips on how to create a master key system.

Assess floor plan and access levels

The first step is to assess your office floor plan and the access levels of individuals in the facility. This step allows you to come up with a master key system that provides hierarchical access to various parts of the facility. Below are the common master keys available to your employees and managers.

1. Sub-master key

This key provides the lowest level of access. Individuals who have access to the sub-master key can access various rooms without using multiple keys. Examples of spaces you can open with a sub-master key include employee working areas, the kitchen, washrooms and other common areas. Sub-master keys can be issued to employees or department heads.

3. Master key

The master key opens all the locks within the sub-master category and more. Besides accessing common areas, a master key can open specific rooms, such as management offices, the server room, the stockroom and even the front door. Only office managers should hold master keys.

3. Grand master key

The grand master key provides the highest level of access in the facility. It is usually held by the general manager or CEO. Besides opening all locks within the lower levels, it can also access rooms such as the CEO's office, sthe afe room and other highly restricted areas within the firm.

Determine whether to use old hardware

Before you install a master key system, decide whether to use the old door hardware. If your door locks provide top security and are in excellent condition, you can utilise them. However, if you have old, worn or low-security locks, this would be the time to replace them with better locks. Remember, a master key system will only be effective if your locks are burglar-proof.

Create a management system

Come up with a management system for your master key system. Designate key duplication authorisation to a manager. Determine how to address key loss issues, especially if the loss affects overall security. Come up with a lock maintenance and repair schedule.

Talk to a locksmith for professional help in coming up with a master key system for your business.