Adding Locks Around Your Home to Secure Your Property

Thick and rugged locks on the entryway doors of your home are an effective way to keep your home and property secure, but it's good to consider some other locks you might install around the home as well. If a thief or intruder should get past the entryway locks, if you forget to lock the doors, or if you need security even while in the home, these additional locks can keep you and your property secure and limit anyone's access to the home.

3 Ways to Protect Your Medical Office

Because medical offices can contain cash, personal information and drugs, they can be an attractive target for thieves. Below is a guide which will help you to keep your staff and your medical office safe. Keep a minimum amount of cash on site To reduce the likelihood of a break-in, you should keep a minimum sum of money in your medical office. While you will need a cash float to prove change for your customers, you should instruct your administrators to deposit any large bills at the local bank once a day.

Consider upgrading to wireless access control systems

If you haven't thought about wireless solutions for your access control installations, then this is the opportune time to take advantage of this developing trend in physical security. Wireless solutions allow end users to enjoy the advantages of a wired system, minus the expense of a hardwired system. In fact, they can work with nearly all of today's access control systems. Read on for more insight. Wireless system applications You can apply a wireless security system anywhere there's a lock installation, but there are specific applications that are better suited to wireless.